Meta launches Two New Art Projects to Highlight The Metaverse’s Creative Possibilities in 2022

Meta is hoping to highlight the growing creative opportunities of its metaverse push through two new art installations that will incorporate mixed reality elements into their presentation.

The first will be a ‘Meta House’ activation for Miami Art Week (December 1-3), featuring mixed reality experiences from emerging artists such as COVL, YONK, and others.

As seen in this mini-documentary, digital artists are discovering new forms of expression within these evolving digital spaces, and Company is looking to highlight these artists, as well as their potential, to promote future opportunities.

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Meta House will also feature live performances from Doja Cat and GloRilla, indicating that Meta is making a significant and costly effort to increase its appeal in this area.

On the other hand, Instagram is launching a new exhibition featuring the work of Tomás Karmelo Amaya, which will include augmented reality elements.

“‘Embracing Our Sovereignty’ offers a glimpse into Amaya’s Indigenous family, friends, and collaborators’ lives.” AR is a new space for Amaya, a writer, director, and multidisciplinary artist who is A:shiwi, Rarámuri, and Yoeme. Amaya used Meta Spark in collaboration with Hayato Kuno, a visual and technical artist in Japan, to add layers of meaning and storytelling to three of his images.”

The activations are part of Meta’s larger push to better engage creative communities and provide more avenues for monetization and expression through its tools.

As explained by Company :

In order to express the next generation of art, culture, and social interaction, mixed reality mediums that combine the real world and the virtual one will be used. And we picture artists from diverse backgrounds.

Company understands that in order for its metaverse to be a success, it will require creators to contribute to the creation of more engaging, original, and unique experiences. Meta can’t do it alone, and with the expanded opportunities for VR art and other forms of digital expression, aligning with creative communities as it moves into these elements will be a critical building block for its next-level experiences.

It’ll be interesting to see where the Company takes this, and whether it helps to make Meta’s various digital platforms more appealing to emerging artists.

And for marketers, it may be useful to provide some direction on the creative opportunities for your own promotions, both now and in the future.

Meta’s Meta House will be open from December 1st to 3rd as part of Miami Art Week, while ‘Embracing Our Sovereignty’ opens on December 1st at 145 Plymouth Street in Brooklyn, NY.

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